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Iowa Farmland Auctioneer Market Update | January 2019

Farmland Auctions

Farmland prices for the month December were stable, but fewer acres
were sold compared to the previous month. Brokers and auctioneers
selling farmland are not taking the risk of a

There were 806 acres auctioned this week, with 624 acres tillable. The land supply is very tight. Auction activity will start picking up over the next several weeks.

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There were only two auctions this week and there are not a lot of auctions in the next 30 days. There will be one more push to auction farmland before spring planting. It will be interesting to see how many farms are auctioned in February and March. If there

Farm Bill

Bipartisan support for the 2018 farm bill resulted in final passage by wide margins in both the House and Senate. The bill was signed by the president on Dec. 20. Notably, there was a relatively short eight months between the introduction of the 2018 farm bill and its final passage.

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It’s time to sell your farmland. You’ve got two choices. You can auction or list it. As farmland specialists, we come up with three points that may help you decide.


Like anything with life, the timing seems to be everything, especially farmland sales. Auctions provide motivation since

Auction activity is winding down for the year. There was only one auction this week. The land market has held up better than expected. Buyer demand continues to be very good. I think the number of acres coming to auction is slowing compared to last year at this time.

Farmers that are looking to purchase equipment before year-end may be able to take advantage of tax savings under Section 179 in the reformed tax code.

Increase in Deduction Limit

The Section 179 deduction limit for 2018 was increased to one million dollars. This also has a total equipment

There were more acres being offered this week at 3,159, of which 2,393 were tillable. The number of acres being offered at auction is really slowing compared to this time last year. This should help stabilize the market.

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Acres auctioned dropped this week with 1,600 acres being offered, of which 1,431 were tillable. Based on my data set, the number of acres auctioned in December 2018 will be down 49% from December 2017. It appears the downward trend will go into January 2019. There are not a

It was another active week with 4,169 acres being offered, of which 3,749 were tillable. Auction activity is slowing down. Comparing November 2018 to November 2017, the amount of acres being offered at auction is down 1,000 acres. Comparing December 1-15, 2018 to same time in 2017, the amount