Very few acres auctioned this week with 815 acres being offered, of which 717 were tillable. There was not enough activity this week to test the market. Harvest is getting started back from all the rain. Grain quality coming out of the field is now a concern. I visited

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  1. Iowa State University Extension puts out a survey every year to gather data on Iowa cash rent. They survey farmers, landowners, professional farm managers, and agricultural lenders. Information is collected about typical cash rental rates for high, medium and low-quality cropland in their counties, along with land
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Auction activity was pretty slow this week with 1,177 acres being offered, of which 913 acres were tillable. Heavy rainfall in Iowa has pretty much stopped harvest. Very little crop is out in areas. Hopefully sunshine will prevail and farmers can start getting the crop into the grain bin.

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Auction activity will be slow the next several weeks due to harvest. About the same number of acres were auctioned this week as last week, with 1,755 being offered, of which 1,503 acres were tillable. The market is volatile locally. I continue to hear that harvest yields are exceeding expectations

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Iowa Farmland

Iowa Farmland Auctioneer Market Update | October 2018


Iowa Farmland

Farmland prices for the month of September were back up. The Iowa Realtor Land Institute published the results on their by-annual survey. The results showed that farmland statewide has only dropped

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Auction activity is slowing down for harvest season. Fewer acres were auctioned this week with 1,793 being offered, of which 1,655 acres were tillable. Localized price volatility continues. Most sales are stable to strong with some “softer” sales, along with a couple of “no sales.” I am hearing from

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Land Report’s 2018 Top Land Brokerage and Auction Firms

Who is Iowas best auctioneerWhitaker Marketing Group was honored to be named 1 of 8 top farmland auction houses in the Midwest by Land Report

Iowa Land Auctions

I’m frequently asked by sellers, “what is my farm worth?”  Most assume if the neighbor farm brought a certain price that their farm will match something similar. That is not always the case. Recently, two Iowa farmland Auctions sold 16 miles apart on the same day and in the same

Another active week with 2,146 acres being offered, of which 1,855 were tillable. The land market continues to find direction. Of the sales below, I would consider most “strong” and a couple “soft.” There was one “no sale” but the undisclosed sale was negotiated a few days after the

It was a fairly active week with 2,485 acres being offered, of which 2,120 were tillable. Had some really strong sales this week with farmers buying. One realtor I visited with said his auction exceeded expectations by $1,500 – $2,000/acre. Why? According to the realtor, land in that particular