It was a very active week with 4,149 acres being offered, of which were tillable. There were several very strong sales especially in northwest Iowa. There are a couple of sales I would consider “light” but for the most part the land market is absorbing the supply coming to

It was another active week with 3,140 acres being offered, of which 2,528 were tillable. The land market is trying to find direction. We are seeing top quality land bringing strong prices while lower quality land is being discounted. Next week will be very active with numerous auctions.

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The crop has been harvested, the equipment washed and put away and the book work finished. Harvest is over, but unlike harvest, education never ends. It’s the season for educational workshops and meetings. Farmers across the state can choose from a variety of educational seminars to attend, some

It was a very active week with 5,873 acres being offered, of which 4,863 were tillable. I am seeing some very strong prices for quality land. Investors are being very aggressive in the bidding process as they are wanting quality, and land offers more stability than the stock market.

It was a very active week with 3,523 acres being offered, of which 3,271 were tillable. Quality is king right now, and quality farms are selling very well. Auction activity will be aggressive over the next 30 days.

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Fewer acres were auctioned this week with 1,334 being offered, of which 1,181 were tillable. We are definitely seeing some weakness in areas.  November is going to be very active with auctions, and this market will be tested.

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Auction activity is picking up with 2,702 acres being offered, of which 2,069 were tillable. We are seeing some localized volatility.  Some realtors I visited with struggled to get bids at auction but were successful negotiating the sale price after the live auction.  In some areas, farmer attitudes are

One of the biggest family holidays is coming right around the corner. Typically, one can expect what they’ll be feasting on that day. The only decisions you think you’ll have to make is if you can fit in one more piece of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie. Read More

Very few acres auctioned this week with 815 acres being offered, of which 717 were tillable. There was not enough activity this week to test the market. Harvest is getting started back from all the rain. Grain quality coming out of the field is now a concern. I visited

Auction activity will be slow the next several weeks due to harvest. About the same number of acres were auctioned this week as last week, with 1,755 being offered, of which 1,503 acres were tillable. The market is volatile locally. I continue to hear that harvest yields are exceeding expectations