Iowa Farmland Values- What is my Farm worth

Thank you for your interest in the current land values. Are you wondering What is my Farm worth? You have come to the right place. The price of farmland is a moving target. We strive to do our best to stay on top of the market and we watch the price of land very closely.  Please fill out and submit as many of the fields below as you can. I look forward to looking into your farms value and getting back to you. If you would like to call and talk about your farmland please call me at 1 (515) 460-8585 (Ask for David). There are many factors that go into a farm valuation. Location, Farm ability, Shape, Size, CSR, CSR2, Soil type, Slope, Drainage, Water sources, Hunting/ Fishing ability, Build ability and Much more. We will take a close look at all the factors and the comparable sales results. The Valuation will take anywhere from 2-6 days.

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